Method 1 :
                    Your text-link ad will be placed on a page of your choice.

                    Contact me if you would like to advertise this way.

                    Method 2 :
                    Place your ad on PedagoNet, use Google AdWords.
                    How to immediately test your advertising:
                    •Sign in to your AdWords account.
                    •Click the Tools and Analysis drop-down menu and select Placement Tool.
                    •Enter "" under "website", click Search and available inventory will appear.
                    •Select the checkboxes next to each placement you'd like to add.
                    •Click Add to account drop-down menu and select "My placement ideas".
                    •Choose a campaign and ad group where you'd like to add your placements.
                    •Click Save and continue
                     Click here to obtain more information on site-targeted ads through the Google Adwords program.