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Egg Carton Math
Thanks Baltimore County PS

egg carton

This game is inexpensive and easy to make, and it creates a fun way to learn!
It is great to play while riding in the car or waiting at the doctor’s office or just about anytime.

Materials Needed:
1 egg carton
2 buttons, coins, or cereal or candy pieces marker tape

Number of Players: Can be played alone or with others

1. Tape up any holes on the egg carton.
2. Write numbers in the bottom of each section in the carton.

How to Play:
1. Place two of the buttons, coins, or cereal or candy pieces in the egg carton.
2. Shake it up.
3. Match the activity to the skill your child needs to master.

Use the numbers that the buttons land on to have your child:

Identify the numbers by naming them.
Add two numbers and identify the sum.
Subtract one number from the other and identify the difference.
Multiply the two numbers and identify the product.

Young children should be supervised when using small items such as buttons or coins.

Roman Numerals

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